To Edify Not Divide

Firstly, I want to say this is in no way to divide or cause more issues within us believers. I want this to be seen as a wake up not as something I typed up to stir a hornets nest. I know some might see this as typed out of pride or i’m whining and it is far from that.

For sometime now and just recently we’ve become consumed by changing our label (this is not aimed at one person or label this goes out to all believers) we’ve gone from not being ashamed to be called Christian to not wanting to be associated with the label “Christian” but why does that bug us? What happened to our Romans 1:16 faith? Did Paul hate being labeled a believer? Did any disciple of Christ not like being deemed a follower of Jesus? Why are we trying to turn Christianity into a “private only” matter? Something we only do on our time? Musicians are focusing on art and there faith is more of a personal thing but what suffers when we keep our faith silent and among ourselves? Are we furthering the kingdom then? I wanna answer something.. It was told to me by a good friend, “It doesn’t matter what you label yourself or how you wanna be labeled” If you believe in God and it shows you’ll be labeled “Christian this or that” I can’t stress enough for you just how much we’ve gone on this tangent for far too long and we’ve mislead many due to our opinions or we think the believer typing something like this is “always wrong or being selfish or they’re jealous” it’s not that. Scripture calls us to correct and be open to correction but why is it we shut out all correction and label them “in the wrong or out of pride”? The one speaking out soon gets silenced by all the other believers due to them shunning him/her. I can’t express enough that if we deem everything right or wrong one says, how can we correct out of love? This has not ever been a private manner but we’ve turned into that. Again I repeat myself in saying, Where is our Romans 1:16 faith at?

Mostly, it seems every time a believer has spoken out against them it is perceived wrong by many other believers but one look at scripture would tell you that we can’t deem everything a Christian does as right especially if it is not Scriptural. We live in a world where right now it’s filled with hate, anger, constant finger pointing, accusations, corruption, and division. Everyone wants to be right, everyone wants to fight against something whether it be for the right cause or a wrong one. Everyone wants to argue.. but arguing has done nothing but divide us. Fighting has done nothing but turn into violence. Rioting has done nothing either but get people arrested and we claim we’re getting arrested to be kept silent. If you break in buildings.. damage property.. you’re not furthering a cause.. you are not fighting for anything. My point in all this is not to claim to be a “know it all” or to be unreachable or not be corrected. But I am here to stand up and say it’s time believers stop following artists who are condoning worldly actions and passions and still claiming that it is okay. We keep trying to disconnect ourselves from anything Christian and if your actions show you are a believer you will always be a Christian. Doesn’t matter if you are a painter, plumber, carpenter, but yet we keep trying to disconnect from the label Christian in an attempt to reach the world and we’ve done nothing but create confusion. We’ve divided the church through all this and part of it wants to embrace the world the other half is praying the other half comes to their senses and realizes what there doing is wrong. We keep wanting to reach the world, but in an attempt to reach the world we wind up letting non-believers impact how we go about sharing our faith. What we’ve done is go from sharing the Gospel to making a quick buck. Instead of changing what’s happening we’d rather sweep it under a rug than change it. Rather than help a brother or sister, we keep ignoring it. How much longer are we gonna continue to ignore it and not wake up?

How do we fix this? Well.. we know the answer isn’t ignoring it. We know the answer isn’t trying to silence the believers speaking out on it. We know the answer should be out of grace and love. We know the answer should be Scripture centered. Even though it is Scripture based the heartbreaking thing is that some will still dismiss it and say we are using the piece of scripture out of context. Our Romans 1:16 faith isn’t as “Bold” and “Unashamed” as it used to be. Sure on twitter or Facebook or any social media we can present that boldness and unashamed attitude but what about outside of that? You can be what you want on the internet and some of us choose to be “Scholars of Scripture” and all there is to know about it. But what we wind up being is someone who is un-correctable and we risk putting ourselves on a pedestal. What happened? How did we get here? For some time we’ve gotten to the point to where God is not the center of what we do rather it is us following our desires and passions that we want but telling others it is “God’s will” I’m not claiming to know anyone’s intent. Actions speak louder than words and you will know them by their fruits. If what they are doing is God centered it will show. Can we still go off course? Yes. Our issue is our emotions fuel what we do and say. We go off of emotions over anything else. Now you might be thinking, “what does this have to do with the label Christian?” It has everything to do with it, because out of emotion we do not want to be seated with other believers we want to associate with the world and still follow God. What happened to not serving two masters? Why are we trying to suit the world and God? Have we not learned that the world has shown us time and time again it cannot and will not ever be satisfied? This world is fallen and it needs Jesus but it keeps rejecting Him and wanting nothing to do with Him so why else do you think we have been given over to the desires of our hearts? Because God is not at our center, He is not our foundation. We keep following our heart and it is the most deceitful and yet we keep telling more people “follow your heart” NO! Follow God instead, deny self, and remain faithful. We can’t keep going off our emotions and hearts. God knows our intent and yet we try to hide, excuse, or plead as if our case will stand (it doesn’t and won’t). It’s time we woke up and realized that not everything typed is out of pride.. not everything typed is false nor should be dismissed.

This last thing is tough to type, but i’m gonna type it regardless but I ask that you bare with me and keep in mind my intent is to bring all glory to God not myself.
It’s clear to me that believers just want to stone one another over who is right and who is wrong. It’s clear to me that this world has impacted Christianity by telling believers they can still follow their hearts desire and still be Christian. It’s become clear to me, that believers can’t agree to disagree we simply block/ignore any who don’t believe as we do. Where is the openness to correction in that? Where is the love in that? Would Christ ignore us? God knows our hearts intent and still listens to us.. think about that for a moment. We’re turning Christianity into a selfish belief when it is selfless. Genuine Christianity isn’t selfish, greedy, nor hateful. Yet somehow we’ve made it about “me” when it has and always will be about God. All these things I’ve typed about above.. we’ve decided that art can be both about us and God when it should always be about God. We’ve decided no believer who speaks against us is right in anyway. We’ve decided that to reach a broken world we must compromise our faith to reach it. If compromise is involved then you shouldn’t even consider it. God is first in everything right? Or is it career then God? To some it’s Career, money, friendship, relationships,kids, then if we have time God. We don’t take our faith seriously enough.. we don’t pray enough.. we don’t study scripture enough and we’ve allowed the world to mold and shape our thoughts over Scripture. We’ve allowed the world to tell us what pieces of Scripture to believe and what to exclude. In the end, are we gonna keep letting the world shape us or are we gonna let God transform us into man/woman of God? We can’t keep chasing selfish desires. We can’t keep chasing what we wanna be labeled and what we don’t wanna be labeled. We can’t keep serving two masters. We can’t keep letting our emotions make decisions for us. We must deny self, renew our mindsets, kill our fleshly passions and desires, and seek God. We can’t keep seeking our own desires or our “doing me” tendencies. We must keep furthering the Kingdom and stop dividing it. Let’s actually create change instead of divisions of cliques and groupies. Let’s be open to correction. Let’s stop wanting this label or that label or not wanting this label or that label and let’s chase after Christ, that’s what should matter most. God first in everything not just in some things.


Giving in or letting go of a Relationship

It’s very common these days for people to want to be in a relationship, not a bad thing, but where it becomes an issue is we get hurt and instead of learning from it we just jump right into another relationship. Not only are we avoiding the hurt, but we’re avoiding the lesson to be learned from what happened. It’s like we refuse and the more we do it the more we are gonna care less about anyone or even our own feelings. Yes, these days it is very common to look around and see everyone you know happy and smiling and in a relationship. Then it hits you, what about me? Where’s the person to make me happy? Where’s the person I can share these special moments with? We get that brief moment of sadness and loneliness, we’ve all had it happen to us at some point. Whether we want to confirm or deny it. A lot of times though, we let that get to us and we go on this search. We look under rocks and in bushes searching for what we call “Mr/Mrs Right.” Let me be the first to tell you I don’t believe in “the one” I don’t believe there is someone just out there waiting for you. I solemnly believe that we meet someone and it either works or doesn’t. But I will say you will know when you’ve met that someone (as I type this as a single male). You will know but the stigma and fantasy we’ve created, ladies, that there is some man on a white horse wearing shiny armor and he is so dreamy and he has everything we see in a guy. Dudes, there is no such thing as a perfect woman and ladies there is no such thing as a perfect dude. No matter who you meet, there will be something about them but it’s not gonna be the dividing point between you. The foolish thing that seems to be a reoccurring theme is people date, get married, without even getting to know each other and really the only thing they’ve shared is intimacy with one another and they’ve not even bothered to get know one another. When all you explore is sex with each other and you base that off whether you’ll get married or not it is no shock that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Not very happy to hear is it? But it’s true, there is a 50/50 that your marriage is gonna workout. Let’s step away from that statistic for a moment.

I wanna talk to you about the factor of you can either get to know yourself better or you can just jump into relationships just cause and not have any serious intent. Let be the one to say that if you don’t take relationships seriously, you shouldn’t be in one. Let me also make clear that if you can’t maintain a stable relationship, then you probably shouldn’t be in one. It’s all the rave these days to have “friends with benefits” but let me explain something to you here, you don’t really maintain a “friendship” with the person you’re sleeping with. There’s more to it than that. That person you’re sleeping with, you’re sharing a special moment with that originally was meant to be shared after marriage. which is the whole point of marriage for you to share your intimate moment with that one person. Before you condemn me and say i’m judging those who haven’t done that, i’m not. I’m simply stating what happens each time you share an “intimate” moment with someone. Would you also be surprised to know that gradually over time you feel nothing if you just went around sleeping around? So that’s why most men or women who do, do that don’t really “feel” anything emotion wise cause it’s something they do like a habit so they have no “special” feeling towards the person they’re with. But here’s where change things a bit, my reason behind this is for you to ask yourself “Am I actually ready for such a commitment or do I need to get things together in my life?” Let me express to you that if your excuse for not dating is “things aren’t perfect,” spoiler alert! Things are never gonna be perfect. Life is gonna throw you curve balls. Things are gonna pop up. You’re gonna face some difficult times even in or not in a relationship. But the beauty of it is, if you’re in a relationship you can come out of that struggle stronger and a better couple. But the common issue is, we push away the other to go “handle it.” Let me also add that if you two get married, and you have to push away so you can “handle it” it’s not healthy on your relationship or marriage.

My title for this “giving in or letting go of a relationship” because people don’t know how to do either (myself included) from experience I learned the hard way.  We either jump into something with no serious intent or we break up then immediately start looking again. We take no time to ourselves to learn, grow, and not make the same mistake or have the same problem again. For some us, we keep having the same issue in a relationship and we wonder “why, me!?” Maybe if we took the time to ourselves and realized the problem was and has been re-occurring for quite sometime and the solution has been there but we’ve been avoiding it, we wouldn’t be asking why. Secondly, we make the big mistake of saying “i love you” within a week of dating or we just say to be saying it. I love you has become one of those things we just say and no longer has that special feeling when said. We given it so many definitions it’s crazy. We run high on emotions and say things we shouldn’t only to wake up the next day to see what we’ve said and we then realize what we said wasn’t at all serious. I caution you not to say empty words to him or her cause in the end IT WILL bite you in the butt. We keep running into this issue of he really likes her but she is interested in someone else or its vice versa. The problem with it? We fail to be honest for fear of hurting them. Another spoiler, No matter how nice you try to break it to them it is still gonna hurt but it will hurt less if you tell them immediately and not weeks, months, or years making them think they have a chance. We fail to be honest and we feel the need to just throw our problems on someone hoping it gets fixed but when it doesn’t we up and leave the person. Here’s where people get it wrong about relationships, he or she is not gonna fix your problems. Take a look at the bigger picture here, Here we have a guy who has some struggles and here we have a lady who has some struggles. They seek to date each other, along that relationship they may come across struggles but they should do it together not one handle it themselves. Let me just add if you’re putting your all into something and the other isn’t someone needs to tell you or you need to tell yourself to wake up cause in no way is that right nor healthy. The problems these two had separately they can help one another with, by encouraging or showing care. Doesn’t have to be “you need to do this, this, and this” sorta thing. Although some of us are very stubborn and we have to be told that.

My last point is this, when it comes to a relationship don’t jump the gun and  think you need one to be happy. You can be single and be happy (contrary to what most believe). It’s not miserable, it doesn’t suck either. Chances are if you think being single boring then being in a relationship is gonna be boring to you too. Cause you’re unhappy about something about yourself and if you don’t take the time to yourself to find out things about yourself and examine yourself and change things in your life to be the best you can be. Then relationships are gonna be seen to you as more of a burden then a good thing. Relationships are great if you take them seriously. If you don’t then they’re very short lived and we are often times unhappy with what happens and point fingers at one another over what happened. Take it serious, don’t jump the gun, and be careful not to say something you shouldn’t. If you aren’t ready, don’t pressure yourself to do something you know you aren’t ready for.

Focused on me

Nights I’ve spent pondering this have finally come to an abrupt end. Seems all the more as we continue to destroy ourselves we have those that just wish it’d all end & we’d come together in some form of unity. Change for this world would require a complete mental change at how we look at everything. A place where if I believe something & you believe differently we are still able to co-exist? Those that dream of this know its just that , a dream,. Selfishly we lock up our money & pass by homeless folk daily all because we’re above them with our job & money. What we fail to realize is that they just like us are human like us & no one is above or below anyone, doesn’t matter what the government says about money wise. No one is above or below anyone. Yet we stick our noses up at such what we label filthy & lowly folk because they’re not like us? We began truly falling apart as human race when we started thinking so highly of ourselves. You know that favorite actor you like? You are like them but fame tells you otherwise. Favorite musician, you like them are the same but simply because of fame they’re perceived as gods to us, idols to put it correctly. It breaks me down to see people flip out & treat folk so poorly or so highly as if everywhere they go is a red carpet. All of us were created by God & we are all, regardless of your stand or opinion, His creation. Arguments made that we came from anywhere else are truly invalid but as a human race we started examining & researching some non-sense. With research comes good studies & just plain foolish studies. Money has become our centerfold it is our god & the only God has been replaced by numerous idols & falsehoods. But as a human race we beg for hope & change apart from Jesus. We keep getting wake up calls that we are coming to our own destruction. With each debate from candidates the choices get worse & worse. We just want honesty & we want someone who will take a stand but we’re asking for too much of man. We’re relying too much on man & self. Good is not truly good apart from God. Yet we praise the rich & famous. Mock God & Jesus, all while wanting hope & change. In the midst of tragedy we suddenly wanna unify & any other day we want nothing to do with the person to our left or right. We live in a block, ignore, & mute world. I believe this, you believe that well I have to block you because we can’t agree to disagree you’re just too toxic. We push away every person who disagrees & bother not to see why or talk further. Selfishly, we’ve clung to money & famous people as our gods &we fail to see why as a human race we’re destroying ourselves. As technology advances we get lazier & dumber. Books are becoming a thing of the past, going out is becoming a thing of the past, everything is online & each step we get more advanced & get lazier & dumber. When will we open our eyes? We are all people & no fame, money, nor name should put us above or below anyone. We can’t continue to this ‘me, me, me’ mentality because its getting us nowhere & we’re destroying ourselves. On this path we’re going things are just gonna get worse before they get better. Change involves actually making a point to change & not just saying it to grab attention, follows, fame, or friends. We’ve replaced God with these garbage idols & greed has taken over our mind sets. We can’t continue like this.. Eventually the wake up calls will cease..eventually what God promised will happen & then it’ll be too late to change. We must wake up from this blindness, corruption, greed, & selfishness we keep living in.

Just to let you know why we are doing this

This is pretty much gonna let you all know just exactly why we’re doing this so here’s just that. For months now I’ve been trying to think of some way to reach out or some form to make my voice be heard because for the longest time I was procrastinating wanting to do this very kind of thing in all honesty lol. I wanted to do something so people could hear me out and maybe even get a glimpse of issues, struggles, & things in the world that just go unheard henceforth the name of this page, “Voices Unheard”. So I thought to myself, do I know anyone who would wanna help or contribute someone who would like to make there voice be heard too and I did. So in many ways, me & my friend are going to be posting things on here some of it might vary. Not everything we do, we agree on but that’s all apart of what makes us vary because our different sides might or might not open us up to seeing things from just the one sided spectrum. Onto my main point, I can tell you that some of these post will contain some struggles maybe even some faith based stuff as well. I will add that we both will be posting stuff on here because well…we want people to hear us out and we wanna hit on certain issues or struggles & things in the world that most just overlook or sugarcoat, or completely ignore. My name is Lucas & my friends name is Krisjan (hopefully that’s spelled right lol) & we are going to be voicing out on this page. Thanks for reading!