Just to let you know why we are doing this

This is pretty much gonna let you all know just exactly why we’re doing this so here’s just that. For months now I’ve been trying to think of some way to reach out or some form to make my voice be heard because for the longest time I was procrastinating wanting to do this very kind of thing in all honesty lol. I wanted to do something so people could hear me out and maybe even get a glimpse of issues, struggles, & things in the world that just go unheard henceforth the name of this page, “Voices Unheard”. So I thought to myself, do I know anyone who would wanna help or contribute someone who would like to make there voice be heard too and I did. So in many ways, me & my friend are going to be posting things on here some of it might vary. Not everything we do, we agree on but that’s all apart of what makes us vary because our different sides might or might not open us up to seeing things from just the one sided spectrum. Onto my main point, I can tell you that some of these post will contain some struggles maybe even some faith based stuff as well. I will add that we both will be posting stuff on here because well…we want people to hear us out and we wanna hit on certain issues or struggles & things in the world that most just overlook or sugarcoat, or completely ignore. My name is Lucas & my friends name is Krisjan (hopefully that’s spelled right lol) & we are going to be voicing out on this page. Thanks for reading!