Focused on me

Nights I’ve spent pondering this have finally come to an abrupt end. Seems all the more as we continue to destroy ourselves we have those that just wish it’d all end & we’d come together in some form of unity. Change for this world would require a complete mental change at how we look at everything. A place where if I believe something & you believe differently we are still able to co-exist? Those that dream of this know its just that , a dream,. Selfishly we lock up our money & pass by homeless folk daily all because we’re above them with our job & money. What we fail to realize is that they just like us are human like us & no one is above or below anyone, doesn’t matter what the government says about money wise. No one is above or below anyone. Yet we stick our noses up at such what we label filthy & lowly folk because they’re not like us? We began truly falling apart as human race when we started thinking so highly of ourselves. You know that favorite actor you like? You are like them but fame tells you otherwise. Favorite musician, you like them are the same but simply because of fame they’re perceived as gods to us, idols to put it correctly. It breaks me down to see people flip out & treat folk so poorly or so highly as if everywhere they go is a red carpet. All of us were created by God & we are all, regardless of your stand or opinion, His creation. Arguments made that we came from anywhere else are truly invalid but as a human race we started examining & researching some non-sense. With research comes good studies & just plain foolish studies. Money has become our centerfold it is our god & the only God has been replaced by numerous idols & falsehoods. But as a human race we beg for hope & change apart from Jesus. We keep getting wake up calls that we are coming to our own destruction. With each debate from candidates the choices get worse & worse. We just want honesty & we want someone who will take a stand but we’re asking for too much of man. We’re relying too much on man & self. Good is not truly good apart from God. Yet we praise the rich & famous. Mock God & Jesus, all while wanting hope & change. In the midst of tragedy we suddenly wanna unify & any other day we want nothing to do with the person to our left or right. We live in a block, ignore, & mute world. I believe this, you believe that well I have to block you because we can’t agree to disagree you’re just too toxic. We push away every person who disagrees & bother not to see why or talk further. Selfishly, we’ve clung to money & famous people as our gods &we fail to see why as a human race we’re destroying ourselves. As technology advances we get lazier & dumber. Books are becoming a thing of the past, going out is becoming a thing of the past, everything is online & each step we get more advanced & get lazier & dumber. When will we open our eyes? We are all people & no fame, money, nor name should put us above or below anyone. We can’t continue to this ‘me, me, me’ mentality because its getting us nowhere & we’re destroying ourselves. On this path we’re going things are just gonna get worse before they get better. Change involves actually making a point to change & not just saying it to grab attention, follows, fame, or friends. We’ve replaced God with these garbage idols & greed has taken over our mind sets. We can’t continue like this.. Eventually the wake up calls will cease..eventually what God promised will happen & then it’ll be too late to change. We must wake up from this blindness, corruption, greed, & selfishness we keep living in.