Christian Artist or Artist who is Christian? By: OliverDoom

This argument has been going on for decades, and honestly to me it has caused a lot of unnecessary arguments within the Christian community. Mainly due to the fact that people believe Christians should make “Christian music”. But some artists are trying to come out and say they’re “Artists who are Christian”. Personally, when I begun seeing all this I just was conflicted and not really edified in it enough to even spread anything on the matter. I’ve read in Scripture & prayed and even read some books that hit on the issue of, Christians becoming like the world in order to influence it. They feel that the only way to reach them is by doing what the world does, but to some believers your focus gets lost when you go from making music strictly about Christ to making music strictly addressing worldly issues to making an occasional song even speaking on faith in God. This may seem like i’m fully convinced they’ve lost it or have compromised, but to address you on that I wanna say this. Here recently certain rappers who are Christians, addressed whether or not it should be okay to have cussing in their songs. To that they began saying that we should show them grace just like Christ & basically to cut a long story short it was pretty much just them saying it would be okay to cuss in your music & it would still be deemed acceptable. My point is this, is this why they wanted out of the “Christian artist” label? So they could start sometimes using cuss words & more or less adhering to the world? Here’s what i’ve seen thus far as far as the whole “Christian artist or artist who is Christian” issue. The ones running with the label, “artist who is Christian” seem to have grown comfortable in the sense of, they seem to believe there isn’t an example of being worldly in scripture so we somehow to figure it out for ourselves what is worldly & what isn’t. Genuine believers know that this isn’t true. So to me, where does this end? I don’t know because this argument seems to be a big issue currently. To those on the outside looking in, it just looks like they’re no longer interested in making Jesus music they just wanna make some heavy hitting pump up jams that don’t address nor deny Jesus. But why are we even at a point to where we feel like we should be not mentioning Christ & preferring it to be more on the back burner. I stated earlier today that to you what is more important, culture or Jesus? Scripture or culture? To an extent culture is a good thing but when you start letting influence you so much that you lose sight of things what are you more focused on & what has become of lesser focus in the process? Some might say something a long the lines of, well Jesus reached out to the lowest of the low & hung out with them so should we. I wanna challenge you with something on that before I continue, Jesus did these things without being tempted or sinning, can you? No. The problem is we keep letting the world influence us instead of us influencing the world. Each day we get flack for something that we do & in a twisted sense we somehow try to compromise without actually compromising (hopefully this makes sense). I’ll tell you this, personally, I stopped listening to Reach records because, and I know people are gonna disagree or say i’m being judgmental but I stopped because they’re music to me does not any longer promote Christ & though they may profess in their personal lives there music has just utterly confused the entire Christian community. To some it sounds like they’re bridging a gap, to others it just seems like they’ve compromised. The nail in the coffin for me was reading that their mission statement changed & a lot of folks were upset but rapzilla coming into the rescue to try & settle everyone down that nothing has changed and that they fully support Reach. Here’s the issue at hand.. they have changed completely it all started with gravity. Musically, lyrically, & the more some look at it they just want no part because it is too much of a mess to handle or even wanna mess with. The other issue is that people like me typing up something like this will get criticized by artists who claim I don’t know anything or I need to stop assuming or I need to stop telling people how to walk in their own faith. It’s an issue because people who talk about it, get criticized & called a hater or they say, “just satan trying to stop ya keep doing what you’re doing”. They also, may add that I just don’t like these guys but that’s false. People need to understand, that all this commotion has been caused but in the end has it really furthered the Kingdom of God? To me all this arguing about what to actually call these guys is just unnecessary. If you’re Christian, you’re Christian. Stop telling people you don’t want to be associated with the label because there is too much negativity that follows it, you could change that. You could be that change, but wanting to branch off of it just makes people think you do not want association with the title period. When you change your mission statement that’s just strange, because since day one you’ve had this one focus “116” & now you still claim you are but why are you so afraid to say it when you’re interviewed you keep telling people, “I don’t wanna get all preachy or seem like i’m legalistic”. What happened to the backbone, the boldness, where you used to tell people “I’m unashamed”? More than ever it seems we live in a world where Christians are compromising because the world says, “do this, try this, be like this” then we do it. It just seems like we’re influencing the world less & reaching out less because becoming like the world is just so much easier to us. My biggest concern is, I know Christian metal bands who are more on focus than the artists who are Christian. It’s not a popularity contest but it’s an example of how much of an impact you could make if you just stopped bouncing around & accepted the genre. You’re not gonna change that title, to the media you will always be “Christian rap/hip-hop/rock/metal/contemporary” No matter how many times you wanna change it or don’t like it. Personally, I just want some thoughts on what people think about it. I know this is long & it might seem bad but there is a reason why I stopped listening. I just want to challenge & show you what I see.


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