To Edify Not Divide

Firstly, I want to say this is in no way to divide or cause more issues within us believers. I want this to be seen as a wake up not as something I typed up to stir a hornets nest. I know some might see this as typed out of pride or i’m whining and it is far from that.

For sometime now and just recently we’ve become consumed by changing our label (this is not aimed at one person or label this goes out to all believers) we’ve gone from not being ashamed to be called Christian to not wanting to be associated with the label “Christian” but why does that bug us? What happened to our Romans 1:16 faith? Did Paul hate being labeled a believer? Did any disciple of Christ not like being deemed a follower of Jesus? Why are we trying to turn Christianity into a “private only” matter? Something we only do on our time? Musicians are focusing on art and there faith is more of a personal thing but what suffers when we keep our faith silent and among ourselves? Are we furthering the kingdom then? I wanna answer something.. It was told to me by a good friend, “It doesn’t matter what you label yourself or how you wanna be labeled” If you believe in God and it shows you’ll be labeled “Christian this or that” I can’t stress enough for you just how much we’ve gone on this tangent for far too long and we’ve mislead many due to our opinions or we think the believer typing something like this is “always wrong or being selfish or they’re jealous” it’s not that. Scripture calls us to correct and be open to correction but why is it we shut out all correction and label them “in the wrong or out of pride”? The one speaking out soon gets silenced by all the other believers due to them shunning him/her. I can’t express enough that if we deem everything right or wrong one says, how can we correct out of love? This has not ever been a private manner but we’ve turned into that. Again I repeat myself in saying, Where is our Romans 1:16 faith at?

Mostly, it seems every time a believer has spoken out against them it is perceived wrong by many other believers but one look at scripture would tell you that we can’t deem everything a Christian does as right especially if it is not Scriptural. We live in a world where right now it’s filled with hate, anger, constant finger pointing, accusations, corruption, and division. Everyone wants to be right, everyone wants to fight against something whether it be for the right cause or a wrong one. Everyone wants to argue.. but arguing has done nothing but divide us. Fighting has done nothing but turn into violence. Rioting has done nothing either but get people arrested and we claim we’re getting arrested to be kept silent. If you break in buildings.. damage property.. you’re not furthering a cause.. you are not fighting for anything. My point in all this is not to claim to be a “know it all” or to be unreachable or not be corrected. But I am here to stand up and say it’s time believers stop following artists who are condoning worldly actions and passions and still claiming that it is okay. We keep trying to disconnect ourselves from anything Christian and if your actions show you are a believer you will always be a Christian. Doesn’t matter if you are a painter, plumber, carpenter, but yet we keep trying to disconnect from the label Christian in an attempt to reach the world and we’ve done nothing but create confusion. We’ve divided the church through all this and part of it wants to embrace the world the other half is praying the other half comes to their senses and realizes what there doing is wrong. We keep wanting to reach the world, but in an attempt to reach the world we wind up letting non-believers impact how we go about sharing our faith. What we’ve done is go from sharing the Gospel to making a quick buck. Instead of changing what’s happening we’d rather sweep it under a rug than change it. Rather than help a brother or sister, we keep ignoring it. How much longer are we gonna continue to ignore it and not wake up?

How do we fix this? Well.. we know the answer isn’t ignoring it. We know the answer isn’t trying to silence the believers speaking out on it. We know the answer should be out of grace and love. We know the answer should be Scripture centered. Even though it is Scripture based the heartbreaking thing is that some will still dismiss it and say we are using the piece of scripture out of context. Our Romans 1:16 faith isn’t as “Bold” and “Unashamed” as it used to be. Sure on twitter or Facebook or any social media we can present that boldness and unashamed attitude but what about outside of that? You can be what you want on the internet and some of us choose to be “Scholars of Scripture” and all there is to know about it. But what we wind up being is someone who is un-correctable and we risk putting ourselves on a pedestal. What happened? How did we get here? For some time we’ve gotten to the point to where God is not the center of what we do rather it is us following our desires and passions that we want but telling others it is “God’s will” I’m not claiming to know anyone’s intent. Actions speak louder than words and you will know them by their fruits. If what they are doing is God centered it will show. Can we still go off course? Yes. Our issue is our emotions fuel what we do and say. We go off of emotions over anything else. Now you might be thinking, “what does this have to do with the label Christian?” It has everything to do with it, because out of emotion we do not want to be seated with other believers we want to associate with the world and still follow God. What happened to not serving two masters? Why are we trying to suit the world and God? Have we not learned that the world has shown us time and time again it cannot and will not ever be satisfied? This world is fallen and it needs Jesus but it keeps rejecting Him and wanting nothing to do with Him so why else do you think we have been given over to the desires of our hearts? Because God is not at our center, He is not our foundation. We keep following our heart and it is the most deceitful and yet we keep telling more people “follow your heart” NO! Follow God instead, deny self, and remain faithful. We can’t keep going off our emotions and hearts. God knows our intent and yet we try to hide, excuse, or plead as if our case will stand (it doesn’t and won’t). It’s time we woke up and realized that not everything typed is out of pride.. not everything typed is false nor should be dismissed.

This last thing is tough to type, but i’m gonna type it regardless but I ask that you bare with me and keep in mind my intent is to bring all glory to God not myself.
It’s clear to me that believers just want to stone one another over who is right and who is wrong. It’s clear to me that this world has impacted Christianity by telling believers they can still follow their hearts desire and still be Christian. It’s become clear to me, that believers can’t agree to disagree we simply block/ignore any who don’t believe as we do. Where is the openness to correction in that? Where is the love in that? Would Christ ignore us? God knows our hearts intent and still listens to us.. think about that for a moment. We’re turning Christianity into a selfish belief when it is selfless. Genuine Christianity isn’t selfish, greedy, nor hateful. Yet somehow we’ve made it about “me” when it has and always will be about God. All these things I’ve typed about above.. we’ve decided that art can be both about us and God when it should always be about God. We’ve decided no believer who speaks against us is right in anyway. We’ve decided that to reach a broken world we must compromise our faith to reach it. If compromise is involved then you shouldn’t even consider it. God is first in everything right? Or is it career then God? To some it’s Career, money, friendship, relationships,kids, then if we have time God. We don’t take our faith seriously enough.. we don’t pray enough.. we don’t study scripture enough and we’ve allowed the world to mold and shape our thoughts over Scripture. We’ve allowed the world to tell us what pieces of Scripture to believe and what to exclude. In the end, are we gonna keep letting the world shape us or are we gonna let God transform us into man/woman of God? We can’t keep chasing selfish desires. We can’t keep chasing what we wanna be labeled and what we don’t wanna be labeled. We can’t keep serving two masters. We can’t keep letting our emotions make decisions for us. We must deny self, renew our mindsets, kill our fleshly passions and desires, and seek God. We can’t keep seeking our own desires or our “doing me” tendencies. We must keep furthering the Kingdom and stop dividing it. Let’s actually create change instead of divisions of cliques and groupies. Let’s be open to correction. Let’s stop wanting this label or that label or not wanting this label or that label and let’s chase after Christ, that’s what should matter most. God first in everything not just in some things.


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