Be Different, Not Offended

Contrary to the current day agenda, being offended means one of 2 things..
1. Someone said something opposing your stand & you didn’t like it.
2. If it causes a problem, ban it.
I know there’s other definitions people may have but I wanna address these 2 specifically. Currently we live in a time period where many things are offensive to people.. one of those being that if your opinion differs from mine than I am in the wrong & I am a bunch of collected names people like to regurgitate in an attempt to get under your skin. If there is one thing I know.. differing opinions is not a time for you to start getting offended. For example.. I believe in God.. some other people might approach me and tell me how “God is fake, Scripture is not true.” But does what they say mean they’re right? No. But due to the current events we keep pushing this one minded agenda that if you don’t adhere to what I say, you’re an idiot, need to go back to school, and in other cases people will revert to making fun of you.
You see, as for the second matter here. We deem anything “not good” (our opinion) and we want it banned. We don’t ban silverware for the obesity rate or computers & video games for making us lazy.. but yet we want other things banned like prayer (which does no harm to anyone) nor does it force anyone to convert to Christianity it’s an excuse we make due to our offended state. We’ve tried to ban “one nation under God” and replace it with something else. Again, I wanna address something here..

Just because you, yourself don’t like it or support it.. doesn’t mean you have to force your agenda upon others. As a believer the common issue is that some believers push there belief on others.. but genuine believers know that this is the wrong approach. Accepting or rejecting is up to you. Now you might be wondering why I used this as an example.. because people of other religious beliefs or people pushing there views of politics are very harshly shoving there agenda down people’s throats so it isn’t just Christians who do this, many do it. It’s not tied down to one belief.

It’s okay to disagree and have an opinion on things.. that’s the great thing about freedom of speech. But when you start labeling people bad names.. calling them idiots.. or worse. Freedom of speech doesn’t sound very free. What America right now has utterly failed to realize.. is we have come a long, long, way from what it used to be.. but some of us are still living in the past & find it offensive.. so take it out of school books (or refuse to teach it), before I get labeled any sort of names.. hear me out here, we live in a day & age where we try to over protect ourselves. We wanna walk in a safe bubble, no harm, no bad language, the list goes on. We want love, peace, and unity. America shows unity in times of hurt & heartbreak. But America is only unified when it chooses to be these days. We are split in not 2, not 3, not even 4.. but multiple groups & each have negative things to say about the other.. how is that unity? We’ve gotten so used to being over protected and coddled that now when we don’t get what we think we deserve we make a scene.. cause A unnecessary ruckus. Let’s be real here.. most the time, we are sheep who follow trends because it is popular. Take the music industry for instance right now.. lot of artists are not trying to be different anymore.. they’re all claiming the same thing just calling it different names because it is what is popular & they wanna remain top 10. Some of us do this very same thing with our social media accounts.. we throw gasoline on a fire because it gives us attention & popularity. We idolize fame, money, and celebrities. In scripture’s terms, “we worship creation over The Creator”. We’ve failed to grasp that fact that it is okay to be wrong.. because we in our eyes we are right. I’ve deterred off my main point here.. let me bring it back.

Lastly, I think it’s important we all have different opinions but your opinion doesn’t triumph anyone else’s it is strictly your opinion for a reason. Sadly, we currently live in a time where having your opinion is frowned upon & mocked by news stations.. blog sites.. and even on social media. People want unity.. but let me paint you a reality check.. it will NEVER happen. Why? Because everyone is different.. we have different views and that’s what makes us, us. If we were to be robots with all the same mindsets.. God would have created us like it. You know how boring it would be to simply follow anything and everything everyone else did every single day for the rest of your life? We like sheep, are trying to do this daily.. we hold our standards to looking good compared to models, actresses, or other people of popularity and we spend so much time trying to be alike someone but lose what makes us unique. Weird? Embrace it, it is after all what makes you, you. God created us all different for a reason and we keep spending day after day… trying to push that everyone needs to be the same.. follow this path.. have these thoughts.. and if you do not then well your stupid and uneducated. That’s not how it works people! I think i’ll end on this point..

Freedom of speech.. is becoming a thing of the past because when we raise our voices we are heavily scrutinized today not just by a few people but even the media chimes in if it can create enough of a ruckus. Opinions are exactly just that.. opinions. But we say hurtful things, spread hate, and cause unnecessary divisions all in an attempt to feed off the attention we get. If we steer clear of it, don’t engage in it, you have no reason to be upset or bitter or have hatred. If we let a lot of these petty things go and just enjoyed the life we have been gifted by God. Finally, we live in a fallen world that needs Jesus. Be a good example of Christlikeness & remain humble.    


Suffering For The Gospel

Contrary to popular belief becoming a Christian doesn’t mean you’ll never struggle another day.
Contrary to popular belief not everything you endure as a believer is from Satan.. we accredit him all too much, give him more power than he actually has. Sometimes God is testing us to see if we truly have our faith in Him. You see, we can say “I have faith in God” all day but it’s not until we face a trial or struggle that what we have faith in more shows.
I wanna clear up something.. If you came to Christianity expected no struggles.. trials.. or a get rich quick type of thing.. you need to re-evaluate things. If you are a believer everything that comes our way (struggle, sickness, pain, hurt, heartbreak) is part of suffering for Christ & why we must stay focused on Christ cause it isn’t gonna get easier til we breath our last. You’re probably thinking.. “well Lucas you’re not really encouraging anyone to come to Christ with that kinda talk.” What you need to understand is that becoming a Christian was and is not at all about making life easier. Yea, some people get rich on earth.. but scripture talks about how difficult it is for a rich man to enter heaven. Some of us are poor, barely scraping by, some of us are sick or getting over sickness, others are heading out into other nations reaching different languages with the Gospel. Do you think any of this thus far was meant to easy? Open your Bible.. take a look at the Disciples… was is it easy for them? Some were beheaded and one crucified upside down.. tell me what & where did we get this idea that Christianity is this laid back.. comfy.. belief? It’s because not only have we boxed in Christianity.. but we’ve limited God (which is a big no no).

Most the time when we think suffering some conclude that it’s of Satan so we instantly begin praying for it to be removed from us.. and for those people.. when it isn’t we wonder why we are being punished.. why God isn’t listening.. and we go on with this list of how we’ve been living right.. going to church.. being in Scripture.. praying so why in the world are we dealing with this? Because contrary to what we’ve been told religiously God does test our obedience to see if it’s true. If you think that’s not right.. i’ll let you take that argument to Paul and you can tell him how unfair it is. I don’t mean that to come across like i’m being a smarty pants.. I want you to get the point that if ANYONE had a right to say suffering is unfair.. it was Paul. We complain about suffering whereas Paul found joy in his suffering cause he knew what he was suffering for! He counted all things a total loss compared to Christ. But to most Christians, we never really conclude that we too suffer as well.. we think “I came to Christianity to escape suffering & struggles & trials.” Again.. you might wanna re-evaluate why you truly came to the faith if that be the case.

Something we often times don’t even think about is that God wants us to come to Him in the midst of our suffering.. but instead a lot of times we just stick to handling it ourselves and wonder why this isn’t leaving or budging. Because you’re relying on the wrong person.. you’re relying on self & not God or maybe you’re relying on friends to help you every single time things get tough.. your friends aren’t always gonna be there & then what? You can’t just sit and shut down & suffer silently.. that just leads to bitterness then anger and eventually hatred. None of which will help you.. in fact they stunt your growth as a believer and you’re truly unusable by God if you’re filled with hate & bitterness. But why am I suffering in the first place, I didn’t choose this when I asked Jesus into my heart? Actually.. when you accepted Jesus into your heart you denied self, killed the old you.. became a new creation in Christ & embraced suffering. EMBRACED?! No, I didn’t! Check Scripture, The disciples embraced it. It’s not gonna be different for us.
The more you read Scripture yourself the more you’ll soon understand that suffering is part of our walk of faith. In our obedience to God.. we will face suffering whether it be sickness, hurt, pain, maybe even death for the sake of the Gospel.

People may just leave the faith due to this and some do. But what they failed to realize when they came to the faith in the first place is that genuine Christianity isn’t some get rich quick plan or a get out of hell free card. And lot of Christians treat it as just this.. in the face of ANY kind of suffering they flee & hide or worse.. they compromise there faith to appease the masses & use Scripture to justify them doing so.

Are you embracing suffering? Are you seeking God in your suffering or seeking self? Are you denying self daily & renewing your mindset so that you can be focused on the things above and not the things of this world? In the midst of your suffering, who do you have more trust in?