Learning & Growing

As I continue to learn about church history, there’s something i’ve noticed as of recently.. Christianity wasn’t this top 5 chart for being popular back then but oddly enough.. some emperors saw it as a threat. Why? Because it was spreading & growing & they had no control over it. What i’ve begun to notice is.. we as people try to control what we can’t. We think by not doing this or that, that it will prevent the inevitable. Here’s something interesting, emperors back then persecuted many Christians but it did not stop it from inspiring more people to embrace the faith.
Let’s bring this to right now current day America, there’s an issue at hand already.. People are flocking to the wrong Christianity. This “Blessings & Riches” is not what the Genuine Gospel is focused on. In America.. we worry more about what’s gonna put money in our wallets so we can buy the next best thing.. we’re more concerned about technology & it’s progression than God or Scripture. But that’s not everyone, the only pastors you see on tv these days.. are the ones who might as well have dollar signs for eyeballs. What does this have to do growth or what I said up above? Christianity now is popular.. but for ALL the wrong reasons.. you see, we promote love (in our own versions which are perverted from Scriptures definition of love), we promote riches & blessings.. but only in the sense of “if you follow Jesus now, you’ll have a great wife.. car.. house.. and you’ll never struggle again”.. it’s the wrong version & why does no one speak against it? Because why would we wanna speak against something that benefits us? Why would wanna toss “our desires” and actually follow Christ? We’ve perverted, twisted, and deviated from what Christianity truly means.. the worst part of it all? The church itself caters to it. How so? Well, if you only preach about the non-offensive things in Scripture.. you’ve missed the point. Running people out of your church cause they don’t see “YOUR” way.. is not Christlike either. Yet we wonder why people have the nerve to call us hypocrites.. judgmental.. rude.. stuck up.. or even worse. I’m not condoning that what they say is okay.. i’m merely saying.. for them.. why should they follow something that we ourselves don’t even abide by? We skip sin.. hell… we put our own spins scripture to cater to ourselves. IT’S NOT ABOUT US! From day one.. it has and always will be about God.. referring back to my first paragraph.. at least the people back then were afraid to go against God nowadays.. we simply do not care cause as long as we are getting what we want.. “God is good”. But oh the moment everything hits the fan.. who is the first we blame? “God why would you do this to me?”, “I thought once I accepted there’d be no more struggles?”

Case & point: we’re promoting & making the wrong version of Christianity popular because this version puts “YOU” first. The REAL version.. puts God first. People back then even in the midst of being persecuted did not wavier in there faith.. and yet here we are.. and we wavier at the pettiest of things because everyone is offended. Reaching the lost does not mean watering down your faith.. anyone who says so is wrong. Reaching the lost.. does not mean you’ve lost it or are no longer Christian. Part of our mission is to reach out to those who don’t know and yet for some odd reason anyone who does so we begin throwing Bibles at them on how we shouldn’t be doing that.. I imagine this is exactly what the Pharisees & Sadducee’s did to Jesus or His other apostles when they saw them talking to the lowest of low. We’ve reached a point in today’s society where, instead of applying all scripture.. we’ve taken bits & pieces that only we are gonna benefit from and ignore the rest. It’s odd because we like  to use this argument of, “well Jesus did this or that” and instead of clarifying.. we just leave it to that but let me clarify this.. Jesus (fully man & God) is perfect.. He faced every temptation and did not give in. Here’s the hard part to swallow.. follow God’s plan, not your own agenda. I imagine the pharisees & sadducee’s thought Jesus & The Apostles were false or spreading lies. Which leads me to this final weight.. even with Jesus right in front of there face.. they didn’t believe.

Honestly, I had no idea so many Christians were persecuted in the 1,2,3, even 4th centuries.. something I continue to see a pattern of.. is even with persecution happening Christianity was still being spread.. People like to claim Christianity took from other religious beliefs.. but actually the shoe is on the other foot, all these other beliefs took from Christianity, just what they did not agree with was left out. Just like in current day America we leave it out if it offends us or goes against what we stand for. In my experiences of seeing others argue about there stands on numerous topics.. one thing comes centerfold.. instead of trying to edify or help understand.. they’re pushing so hard to get the other person to see the same way and if they do not.. it angers them.. they revert to calling you ignorant or worse. Growing up I never understood my mindset.. I always thought differently.. sought to dig deeper.. and I had this understanding but at the same time.. it was wavy because I had my pros & cons about it. The biggest weight that weighs the heaviest in my heart.. is after seeing the mountains.. standing on top of them.. looking at the stars.. and seeing all this creation and yet we deny God with ease. This post is all over the place but, my point here is that somewhere along the line.. we care more about what we’re labeled.. than our mission as believers. Why am I called a Christian artist? WHO CARES!? The argument should’ve never been started but it gained popularity because some super legalistic folks took it upon themselves to say that these men saying this were wavering or walking a fence. Lot of scripture was tossed back & forth.. and eventually we tossed people out that didn’t wanna be labeled this or that as unfaithful. Let me clarify this argument should’ve never been an argument within the body.. but it became one because we’ve gotten comfy & petty and anything outside our coziness we are against and we in no way want to understand it.. so we start digging for scripture to speak against it.. again.. I imagine the pharisees just sitting back.. plotting.. scoffing.. and just thinking up of so many “rules” that have been broken. American Christianity is a religion.. it promotes self.. money.. greed.. pride.. and lust. Real Christianity.. focuses on Christ.. loving your neighbor as yourself.. kindness.. giving to others.. and yet we keep taking from Scripture making our own version of Christianity which is dangerous.

At the end of the day, why do labels matter?
At the end of the day, why are we more concerned about how people see us than how we are seen in God’s eyes?
At the end of the day, why are we shunning those who do not know of Christ from our churches?
At the end of the day, why is our agenda more valuable than the one God has for us?
At the end of the day, the world’s definition of love is not the same as scriptural love but we keep comparing them like there compatible.
At the end of the day, Christianity keeps going.. but which one is the one you follow and abide to? I know it’s confusing.. I know it seems like it’s easier to just away.. but The Real Christianity is amazing!
At the end of the day, you’ll struggle.. have rough days.. sin.. and face trials even in your new faith in God the point is so that you’ll rely on God more.. not run away. I know it’s hard to see the reasoning.. hard to see the why.. but God is there listening.
At the end of the day.. these “Earthly blessings” will rot, fade, diminish, and rust.. and then what will you have?
At the end of the day, God is good even in the worst of times.. Trust Him & have faith! God bless you all!


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