Used to

Reading our Bible used to mean something, now all we do is fight each other over who is correct.

Reading our Bible used to mean something, until we watered it down.. let the world make a mockery of scripture by turning into “you don’t have to believe this”.

Reading our Bible used to mean getting together for study groups or maybe gathering together to discuss topics. Now, we discuss the same topics over and over, and it’s not even topics up for debate it’s a “believe this or you’re wrong” view.

Scripture used to be about preaching the truth and spreading the Gospel, now it’s about how many people can we condemn to hell and make them feel as terrible as possible and not mention a word of redemption or grace.

Scripture used to hold weight, it used to impact, but we live in a time where scripture to most is boring, outdated, or made up. Think about that for a moment..

Being a Christian used to hold an impact.. but why be an impact into this world when we as believers can just become of the world and worship God right? That’s totally okay, because I have 6 verses that back me up that are out of context and I know more than you so you can’t tell me what to do otherwise I’ll toss shade at you over social media because that’s what “Christlikeness” images right?

Being a Christian used to be a big deal until everyone started started interpreting scripture to suit there own selfish desires.

Being a believer means being held accountable right? No, it means everything you say is wrong and I’m right and if you tell me I’m wrong you’re just trying to deflect your guilty conscience.

Being a believer means surrounding yourself with others.. wrong, it means surrounding yourself with ONLY people who think the same way you do because anyone else is in the wrong or made felt uncomfortable.

Being a believer means reaching the poor and helping them, wrong it means only reaching out when it gains you follows, likes, comments to boost your pride and ego.

Being a believer means standing up for The Truth right? Wrong, you stand up then you get a few hateful comments or folks disagreeing and you water it down to suit those around you.

Being a believer means that if your friends don’t like it, then you don’t change right? Wrong, it means the moment you and a friend don’t see eye to eye you put Christianity to the side cause you can worry about that when you get older like in your 60’s right?

This isn’t meant to be sarcastic, though some may see it that way. Honestly, it breaks my heart that both scripture and being a believer in general have very little meaning anymore.. why? Because we’re set in our own little ways too afraid of change or losing friends or losing a relationship even. The VERY moment that stuff happens we toss our faith aside like it’s nothing because we don’t wanna lose anyone. Being a believer used to hold some meaning but thanks to the world telling us “hey, you can serve God and still do what you want” well.. that impact no longer bears much impact. It also does not help that many just have concluded God is false and scripture is completely made up. Thanks to the popular verses that everyone continues to shove down everyone’s throat.. most do not witness a good Christlikeness example. The twist in all this chaos is that the world is no better because it shoves it’s beliefs right back but yet the only people that get blamed are Christian’s. The world right now is in a battle of “my parents failed so I’ll just parent myself instead” but it’s clearly apparent you can’t parent when you’re underage. Our parents did not fail, we live in a world that thrives on “do whatever you want there is no bad consequences” with that logic we claim and do as we please and when told no it’s appalling because we’ve never been told no or that we are doing something wrong. All we’ve heard was “I support you”, “yes, you can”, or “it’s okay to do this”. Scriptures big verses everyone tosses around like punches without any text have lost meaning cause people are tired of hearing the same ole overused and out of context taken verses. Let’s set the record straight here, I fully believe what scripture says is sinful is exactly that. But let’s also paint a picture here, the very people in the world fighting for peace, love, and positivity are fighting for a one sided peace, love, and positivity which does not include Christian’s. It’s okay to be about those things, but when you completely dismiss someone simply because of there belief are you really accepting of all beliefs? If your sentence begins with, “I don’t mind that you believe BUT” you’ve already negated that you’re open to ALL beliefs. Let’s address the elephant in the room of, “well your belief says my belief is false.” You are free to disagree all you want.. leave it at that. But what is most heartbreaking is it is not left at that, it’s preceded to turn into an argument about how “Christianity is stupid and prayer is useless, and we’re brainwashed”.
There’s a lot here, and some of you may wonder where the solution is to all this. The solution is the person’s reading this right now. We hold within ourselves knowledge that should be shared but we don’t out of fear of what others will say. We care more about what so and so thinks than our faith in God. YOU can change this. YOU can take a stand for Scripture. YOU can take all of what you know and share it. YOU should be studying scripture for yourself, only opening your Bible once does not mean “you’re good” til next Sunday. We make excuses for our excuses. We view God as someone who sucks all the fun out of life and you couldn’t be anymore wrong.
Here’s a wake up call, the people around watch you. They see what you do, how you respond, and if you apply what you teach or say in your own life. The downfall? Those very same people conclude that all Christian’s are like that. Not only that but we make poor examples by excusing our wrongdoings.

Before someone goes all, “here he goes again acting like he’s perfect & does no wrong”. I’m not perfect, I’ve struggled for 3 years with anxiety and many other things but I am still here because of God. I still struggle and I do not claim to not deal with things. If you knew how many people have tried arguing with me over scripture or things they thought were in scripture, yes I’ve lost friends due to my faith in God but I gained new ones who hold me accountable, share there knowledge with me, pray for me daily. There’s a lot of stuff in this, but I say again the solution is YOU believers.


God is

Current day America has fallen into the lie, they’ve spoon fed it.. pacified it.. even swear by it that God is false and a mere figment or feel good tactic by religious people. Some might even go as far as to say they disagree with any religious belief because it is just man’s attempt to feel good or look down on others. One look at religion and you’ll notice a common theme, rules that bind you to a point where one false step and you can be kicked or removed. You see, all religions have a point right? While some center around positivity and spreading love we use that very same belief to spread hate and division amongst ourselves. So in theory we basically undo it. What do you mean? It means that while we go about spreading love at the very same time we also create divisions among one another because we pick & choose who is suitable in our eyes. Religion is man approving you to be right for a belief. Where is scripture does God say it is okay for ANY believer to pick and choose who to save and who not? Where in scripture does it say that God okay’d man power to approve and disapprove on who comes to know Christ? For years now we have been using religion as a scare tactic and what happens after so many years of doing that? People grow hateful, uninterested, and overall angry. Christianity has been grouped with all the other religious beliefs because of all the different variations of it. Some only believe old testament… some only believe New testament, others believe both but exclude sin and hell so they don’t upset anyone, some exclude Christ, and the list goes on. Shockingly enough there is even a belief held where people read the “missing books of the Bible” let’s make something very clear here, there is nothing missing from scripture nor is it incomplete. These beliefs all have one thing in common, they center around self and not Christ. How? Because we have chosen to believe what we want of scripture and all else is garage to us. Sex before marriage is a sin.. but for years it’s caused an uproar and now people could careless about it. We’ve grown intolerant & have given into our fleshly desires. Not just that, but we follow the “he/she said” rule. For years I’ve heard the, “I suppose you believe santa is real too” and the, “Nice fairytale, but I’ll stick to unicorns over God.” And this is just three I have heard first hand and lastly, “You’re an idiot & brainwashed”. For years religion has been used as a scare tactic to strike fear in people. But it doesn’t work anymore..why? Because people don’t feel the need to fear something they cannot see and that is what scares me most. People are blunt about their sin, they openly cater to it, and if things end up badly they excuse it and move on with life. But is it really that simple? No, because outside it may look seemingly great but it’s not at all. 
Christianity for years gets grouped in with other religious beliefs because people fail to read scripture rightly they also fail to even want to understand it so rather than understand it, they take offense and reject it cause it is easier than believing it. Christianity for years has been labeled something people “force” on you, while there is some who do just that not every believer is ready to pounce on you & condemn you but since the common theme is the first part of that sentence most believe that all believers are the same. I grew up in church, my parents did not force me, I went because I enjoyed going. As a kid, it was what I looked forward to. Once I reached my teens, it became more about gossip and who liked who than focusing on God. Then when I hit my 20’s reality hit me.. hard. I still never lost interest in wanting to go to church. The misconception with current day churches is they try to be too friendly and open, what winds up happening is they go from Gospel minded to people pleasing which is why those types of churches make millions of not billions of dollars and have an insane follower base of people whom if you said there pastor was a false teacher.. you’d be seemed the anti-christ or Satan for saying so. The problem is right under our noses and it’s our own hearts and mindset about how we go about this. Culture is important but if you lose focus on the Gospel and leading people to it and start ranting off about how you dislike “american Christianity” you’ve missed the point. Just like we’ve missed the point in how we should reach out to people with the Gospel. We think being understanding.. open.. is gonna convert people.. all it does is get you walked on.. consumed by the world and spat back out because you went against the belief with which you stood for. The point in all this is not to poke a hornet’s nest but if I have to, I will. We keep saying, “America needs revival” I don’t see you planning one? Have you spoke to your church about it or are we just gonna talk and talk about it? Current day America believes the minimum, “God is real” that’s it. That’s as far as it goes. But simply saying it doesn’t and isn’t what saves you and many are gonna be shocked when they stand before God. Sadly, the common theme among many is to do as many good deeds as possible and there is no way God could deny you entry into heaven. But what do you think is gonna happen when your list stands before perfection? It’s not gonna stand up in fact it won’t even last 2 seconds. The keyword is “our list” of good deeds which promotes self over God. Which in turn we throw God at the forefront when really we made a fleshly decision and to not seem like a selfish person we threw God in there. More than anything we aren’t forever trapped, but the problem being that we are in a rut and we keep digging down instead of out. Back to my original thought.
Many religions offer peace, love, and good vibes but they aren’t gonna satisfy you. Because at some point we feel incomplete and empty so we fill that void with sex, relationships, music, books, anything to escape reality but it’s not something you can escape. We say music is an escape, it’s just a distraction from the internal problem. Many religions have rules, but this is where Christianity gets confused and tossed in because people start spouting off things like, “you have to be clean first” or “you have to be perfect” or “If you don’t follow God will hate you and not pay attention to your prayers” and you couldn’t be anymore wrong. God takes us as we are but as we grow we don’t remain who we once were. Secondly one look at scripture and you’ll notice that there were a few men who wandered off but God did not ignore them nor did He hate them, He welcomed them back with open arms. The last one, is so wrong but it’s the most common, First off, God knows we aren’t perfect and He still loves us. Secondly, you do not have to maintain a holier than thou status because on this Earth it is absolutely not gonna happen nor be attainable. Third, there are many things that should separate Christianity from any religious belief and the you have to be perfect should be one of them. Because God knows we aren’t, after all He created us. Lastly, it is not just that but so many religious beliefs will state they have rules to abide by. The God with which I serve says, that I am forgiven (past, present, and future sins). People get so frustrated at believers that they forget we have read scripture and while some may misinterpret it those of us who do not, have an understanding of scripture. It always intrigues me when someone who doesn’t even believe in God or scripture tries to tell me what scripture means. I don’t even mean that as a joke or insult, honestly it’s disheartening how many are uninformed and mislead by using out of context scripture. God is not just some figment man made up. While many might argue against that, I know one day we’ll be standing before Him to be judged. Many ask this question a lot though, how do you maintain your faith in God? First and foremost I give that credit to God. Secondly, you stand firm in your belief, you don’t budge, and do not compromise. Lastly, stay in prayer in and scripture.